YouTube Ads Campaign Management

Brightcove Video Cloud provides services so that you grow and monetize your audience without the cost and complexity of internal expansion.
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Off Page SEO

Brightcove Video Cloud provides services so that you grow and monetize your audience without the cost and complexity of internal expansion. Those businesses which are supported by YouTube Ads take advantage of the wide-ranging suite of video advertising features with instinctive tools for ad attachments and integrated ad server and network amalgamations. Marketers to increase conversion and determination in brand engagement with point-and-click tools for in-player calls for stroke and connections for stubborn branding.

Ad Management Made Easy

You can be paid swiftly and easily inserting YouTube Ads into your video content and for this purpose Video advertising Services provide you the facilities and support to maximize revenues. Video Cloud offers built-in support for all regular IAB video ad layouts, and accommodates pre-, mid- and post-roll ads with tools to easily define insertion points. For more modified putting into practice Video Cloud Advertising SDK and ad policy SDK deal additional fine-grained control.

Integrate with Industry Standards

Developing industry standards VAST and VPAID offer promoters and publishers constant ways of generating, trafficking, and pursuing promotions from corner to corner properties. Ad serving technologies work comprehensively transversely Flash and HTML5 video environments. Video Cloud supports VAST 1.0, VAST 2.0, and VPAID, and Brightcove is a prominent sponsor to the expansion of these criteria. You can also use ad display SWTs in your players to display exclusive ad designs.

In-player calls to stroke for e-Commerce and Merchandising

Provoke audiences to take action that they should not leave the video player. Video Cloud suggests a different ways to convert browsers to customers, including point-and-click tools to set up in-player calls to action and a photographic cue point editor for insertion offers and actions during your video at any point.

Ad Servers and Ad Networks

Video Cloud supports you monetize your video content with incorporated combinations of ad networks, such as Tremor Media, and YuMe. To make use of your own ad serving platform, Video Cloud supports incorporations with Ad Delivery Solutions, ADTECH, Atlas AdManager, Doubleclick DART for Producers (DFP and DFP Small Business), DART Enterprise, Open AdStream by 24/7 RealMedia, Yahoo APT (YVAP) and OpenX, the most important open source ad server technology. Otherwise, integrate with any ad network through our Ad Translator API.

Audio Visual Monetization Analytics

Video Cloud’s integrated video analytics present serious evidence to enhance and support your video advertising and retailing tactics. To check your viewers that how long they watch and identify drop-off points engagement and attention span are the best correspondents. To match the video performance statistically monitor and adjust ad placement to.

Why ZeeWebSol for Video Advertisement?

ZeeWebSol is a top international supplier of influential cloud explanations for distributing and monetizing video through connected devices. The company offers a full collection of products and services that cut down the cost and complication linked with publishing, issuing, evaluating and monetizing video across devices. Brightcove has over 5,500 customers in more than 70 countries that depend on the company’s cloud results to positively publish first-class video familiarities to audiences far and wide.


A YouTube Ads campaign is a bundle of ads that you can manage through the YouTube Ads interface.
You can create an ad campaign at any time and add or remove ads from it as you see fit. The campaign is
tied to your account, so all of your campaigns will share the same budget and targeting options.

YouTube is a powerful medium for advertising. You can reach a global audience at an affordable cost,
and you can track the performance of your ads very efficiently. It also gives an opportunity to reach a
large number of people at once and build brand awareness among them. If you are looking forward to
launching your business or product online, then YouTube ads are the best way out for you.

You should start advertising as soon as possible so that you can achieve maximum results from your ad
spending in the shortest period of time possible. You should also plan your ad campaign strategy
according to the seasonality of your business or product so that it could be effective during certain
periods of time only instead of all throughout the year.

The benefits of advertising on YouTube include reach and engagement—both in terms of how many
people see your ads and how often they watch them. For example, if someone sees three of your ads
and clicks on each one, that's considered a click-through rate (CTR). These days it's standard practice to
pay attention to CTRs because they're an important metric when it comes to measuring performance
and optimizing campaigns.

To get started with advertising on YouTube, you need to be a verified business owner. Then you'll need
to create an account on the platform and choose whether you want to advertise products or services.
Once that's done, you can run an ad campaign.


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