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Talking about our PPC campaigns when there are less than 100 percent of searches happen on Google, so why should we emphasis 100 percent there?
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Ads Management

Talking about our PPC campaigns when there are less than 100 percent of searches happen on Google, so why should we emphasis 100 percent there? Due to Bing Ads Management its share of the search market grew over the past three years, with just less than 20 percent of all searches going over Bing. This leaves businesses with PPC prospects that are frequently unnoticed in AdWords-centric campaigns.

Google might capture the largest market share of search traffic, but this is also a fact that Bing also searched by people 3.3 billion times per month. There is sufficiently untouched PPC prospective within those searches, it means that practicality businesses can become new front-runners and changes while others carry on neglecting Bing’s high-volume search.

PushFire® can get you started via Bing PPC service area, or renovate your existing campaign. Through Bing Ads Management, PushFire can help you with creating ads, boosting, and management services.

What’s contained within Push Fire Bing Ads Management Services?

  • Keyword Detection and Collection
  • Ad Text Formation
  • Help with Boosting Landing Pages
  • Transformation Tracking
  • Ad Suggestion
  • PPC Observing
  • PPC Asking price Management
  • Campaign Upgrading Adjustment

Why Should Your Company Use Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is a very good way to create leads and a stream of traffic for your business from search parties who do not use Google. A small number of people are advertising on Bing Ads, so you can avail a great advantage as you have to pay a little amount to reach millions of target customers and still you can generate a substantial amount of leads.


To make an evident of your Bing campaign’s success we monthly prepare reports. We report on keyword presentation, clicks, impressions, and adaptations. After your evaluation is done on the report, we propose a one-hour call to talk about the campaign, containing firsthand information, and if you have any queries we will provide a proper solution to any questions you might ask.

Why ZeeWebSol for Bing Ads Management Services

Blue Corona has a squad of enthusiastic PPC professionals with years of knowledge building and enhancing Bing Ad campaigns in an extended kind of industries. Our PPC experts work with accountants to pick up every phase of a client’s business model to manage well the AdWords account which contains:

  • The client’s trades funnel
  • The lead-to-sale proportion
  • The visit-to-lead proportion
  • Turnover margins for every single product and service sold

After learning all these client’s sales, we funnel to set bids suitably and accomplish the prime cost per lead. We wish to make the client’s business our own, mutual with years of skilled PPC management involvement equivalents a cost-effective system of advertising with remarkable influence and potential


Bing Ads Management Service is a program that helps you manage a Bing Ads account. With this service, you can set up ad campaigns, run them and monitor their performance. You can also manage your advertising budget and create and edit pages. You can also use this service to get reports on your campaigns.

Bing Ads Management Services are a suite of products that help you manage and optimize your Bing Ads campaigns. These services include:

Bid Optimization – The Bid Optimization service helps you manage your search engine marketing campaigns by identifying the most effective keywords and bidding on them, so that you can drive the most qualified traffic to your site.

Keyword Reporting – The Keyword Reporting service provides an extensive report containing information about how visitors arrived at your site, where they came from, what keywords they entered into search engines, and more. You can use this information to make decisions about which keywords to focus on in future campaigns.

Performance Report – The Performance Report gives you insight into how well your campaigns are performing over time and whether there are any major issues that need addressing im

We give you easy access to your keywords and ad groups, as well as their performance over time. We also let you know how much money you’ve spent on ads and how much revenue they’ve brought in for each campaign.

You can use any keywords that apply to your business and your industry. For example, if you sell women’s clothing and are looking for customers in the Denver area, then you might want to target those keywords: “Denver Women’s Clothing Stores.”

The way it works is simple: You tell us which keywords you’d like us to search for and then we’ll run an ad against them. We’ll record how many people click on each ad so that we can optimize our campaigns over time—and show you how much money each ad is bringing in!


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